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Elongated non electric Bidet toilet seat

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Fashion and slim design
  • Adjustable water pressure
  • Self-cleaning nozzle
  • Dual nozzle for rear wash and female spray
  • easy to install

Product Details

Bidet Seat Reviews

-Modern appearance with slim design

-Installation same as normal toilet seat, easy and better fitting

-Press-button control, easy to kids & elders.

-Adjustable water pressure from soft to strong just for comfortable

-Smart thermostat for sustained warm water.

-Nozzle self-cleaning

-Dual nozzle for rear & feminine

Specification For Best Value Bidet Seat


Main-Body: PP               

Connector: 3/8”POM or Brass              

Fixing Parts: Plastic              

Hose: Stainless steel braided               

T-Valve: Brass                          

Life Span: 50,000 times                 

Water Pressure:  0.08-0.8Mpa                

Damper: Soft close                

Function: 3F                

Warranty: 12 months  

Bidet Toilet Seat Installation

Installation for toilet seat cover

1) Insert the bolts with hinge into the toilet mounting holes.

2) Adjust the seat cover according to the position of toilet bowl to correspond.

3) Screw the nut with washer under the toilet bowl, then tighten.

4) Close the hinge covers.

Connecting water hose

1) Tunr off the water vavle and flush to empty the toilet tank, disconnect water supply hose from the fill valve under the toilet tank.

2) Connect T-vavle, one end to the water tank and the other end to the supply water hose.

3) Connect water hose provided, one end to bidet, and the other end to the T-connector.

4) Turn on the water valve and check for leaks.

Manual Instructions For Luxe Toilet Seat Bidet

Press button to switch men wash and women wash and stop

Turn the knob to adjust water pressure from soft to strong as inquirement.



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