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Non electric bidet toilet seat

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Open front of seat ring
  • Classic appearance of normal toilet seat
  • Multiple bidet functions
  • One knob easy control
  • Friendly price with high quality

Product Details

Unique Toilet & Bidet seats from Nete & Sineo

Would you like to add bidet function to toilet seat as the same as your currently seat cover? Our bidet toilet seat will come your idea true. It is as the same as the normal toilet seat cover just built bidet function, same sitting experience, same installation, same looking, just more enjoyment.


-Open front of seat ring

-Classic appearance of normal toilet seat
-Multiple bidet functions
-One knob easy control
-Friendly price with high quality


1. Designed according to standard American elongated (V shaped) toilet, the same as normal seat lid, so it fits all elongated toilet even France curved toilet.

2.Friendly & healthy material extend the product's life and perfect bidet function which bring more comfortable experience.

3.The sitting ring that designs according to ergonomics greatly promoted the comfortable when using.

Bidet seat reviews

Bidet toilet seat combines a toilet seat and bidet into one unit.

Toilet seat is popular all over the word now. Toilet is neccessory fixture in our daily life, we do expect more updated things based currently functions of soft close.

Bidets have been used for centuries in some countries, while other countries have been very slow to adopt these fixtures and bidets are still not widely used in some areas. Those who have used a bidet have plenty of praise for this bathroom appliance, and those who have never tried one do not realize what they are missing out on.

A bidet is a special plunbing fixture or accessory that allows you to use water to wash your genitals, anus, and inner buttocks after using the bathroom, and these fixtures are very popular with men and women both. Some of the most common reasons that bidets are used include:

-Improved cleanliness, better personal hygiene, and increased comfort.

-A lower environmental impact because less toilet paper is used.

-Less household waste

-Financial savings

-Fewer clogs and other plumbing problems

-Better care for your skin

A bidet function is a part of bidet toilet seat, and it is an additional function, it is important that you use the bidet properly. The toilet is used for your bathroom functions, and then the bidet is used to clean yourself once you are finished. 

We design bidet seat according to the advantages of regular toilet seat and bidet, so, it is not necessory to worry about other things, because you are already familiar with them.

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