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Bidet Toilet seat for public place

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V shaped bidet toilet seats / cold water bidet toilet seat / manual bidet seat for public place

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Adjustable water pressure
  • No electric or battery required
  • Soft-close
  • Dual & Retractable nozzle
  • Better fit for elongated toilet

Product Details

Bidet Toilet seat for public place

Item nameBidet function toilet seat for public

FunctionBidet & soft close



Color: White

Installation size466-480mmX136-164mm 

Water SupplyT-valve Directly connect with water supply 

Water Supply Pressure Request0.08-0.8MPa(11.6-116PSI) 

Cleaning Spray Flow0.5-2.5L/min            

Why is there a gap in front of the toilet seat?

The gap in front of the toilet seat is to provide convenience for cleaning after the toilet. The shaped seats are designed to avoid the hassle of a woman getting up or touching the toilet while leaving enough clean space.

The design also takes men into account. The shaped seat gets rid of areas that can be spilled by urine and reduces the chance that male genitals will come into contact with the seat.

Can You Catch Germs From a Public Toilet Seat?

There's no denying that public bathrooms can be germ-ridden places. According to a study presented at the Infectious Diseases Society of America annual meeting, scientists who studied samples taken from a variety of public restrooms found that the sheer number of illness-causing bacteria present was too big to measure in many cases. So it's only natural to worry about what may be lurking on even the cleanest-looking toilet seats — forget about the ones that appear wet or dirty. But experts say our fear of sitting on the average toilet seat (one that isn't visibly soiled) is overblown.

Germs on the seat doesn't mean they’ll make you sick. That’s because your skin acts as a very effective barrier to keep germs out (unless you have an open wound or lesion on your behind).

What about the herpes virus, HIV, or other sexually transmitted diseases? These organisms don't survive for long outside the human body, especially not on a cold, hard toilet seat. And to infect you, they need to enter either through an open cut or sore or via a mucous membrane (your mouth or rectum, for example), which wouldn't normally come into contact with the seat. All this makes the odds of infection from just sitting down miniscule.

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