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Why Use A Bidet Toilet Seat

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1) Clean your life

Rinse the anus three times or more every day, anal external sphincter is massages because of the stimulation of water column and water moistens, improve venous blood circulation is beneficial to health. And can wash the toilet paper can not wipe the dirt between the fold.

2) Prevent bacterial infection, hemorrhoids and constipation

3) Take care of pregnant women

It is important to clean the anus and perineum during or after pregnancy, so many hospitals have started using bidet irrigators to help pregnant women clean and improve blood circulation. Using an irrigator will not only freshen you up, but also help you recover after giving birth.

4) Protect the obese and the elderly

The body resistance of old people is weaker, and bidet seat implement has a key to run a bidet function. The practical function but the body inconvenience person does not worry about to go to the lavatory difficult problem, maintains the good clean body is advantageous to the body healthy.

5) Prevent constipation in children

Children to cold toilet seat and toilet paper wipe when the faint pain has a sense of fear, so often appear in time to go to the toilet, can endure is endure, as time passes the formation of children habitual constipation. And bidet seat implement can solve such problem thoroughly, make child is glad to go into lavatory in time.

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